Today’s patients demand easy access to providers and the ability to stay informed about their care to actively manage their own health. Our partners offer the tools and solutions you need to help achieve these goals and drive change to meet these demands.


Mediktor is an advanced AI-based medical chatbot for triage and pre-diagnosis that guides patients to the right level of care at the right time – improving access  while enabling more efficient care navigation. Powered by a sophisticated AI engine that enables users to converse naturally in several languages, Mediktor’s white-labeled SaaS is omnichannel and can be easily embedded into any interface (web, mobile, desktop). Mediktor’s customers include health plans, hospitals and health systems, telehealth, and pharmaceutical companies. 

Press release: Mediktor Acquires Sensely and Consolidates Its Position as a Leader in AI Healthcare Solutions – 06/04/2024

Hospital Digital Front Door

Mediktor guides qualified patients to the most appropriate healthcare service, streamlining the patient journey by reducing wait times and unnecessary steps.

3x ROI Patient Acquisition

Lead-generation tool to connect with consumers seeking care.

40% Users Retention

Patients use the solution recurrently.

72 NPS Patient Satisfaction

Mediktor’s NPS is consistently 4x healthcare average.

Triage Efficiencies

Less calls to nurse triage line for better patient experience & less strain on nurses.

Case study: How Mediktor directs qualified patient to appropriate point of care