Access to world-class healthcare organizations

Vendors in HANYS Marketplace are thoroughly vetted, so our members know they’re getting a solution they can trust.

Our more than 450 member organizations value HANYS as a leader in healthcare advocacy and education in New York state. As a vendor in our marketplace, you’ll have your foot in the door at organizations across the state looking for solutions like yours.

We’re picky — and our members know it.

We don’t let just anyone in. As a vendor, you’re part of an elite group who’ve made it through our extensive vetting process. Our members know that if you made it through, your solution is worth consideration.

Partnership beyond a handshake.

Our commitment doesn’t end with a warm handoff. We work side by side with your team to co-market your solution, identifying the right channels and buyers among our members.

Emails, webinars, social media, press releases — we’ll help you develop a marketing plan that covers all your bases and resonates with our members.

Our HANYS experts are some of the best minds in New York healthcare. With their expertise, we’ll help make sure your solution reaches the right audience with the messaging that resonates with them.

What our partners are saying

“MCAG’s Settlement Recovery Service has received a much higher level of exposure and credibility throughout New York due to our partnership with HANYS.”

“From the very beginning of our partnership with HANYS, we were treated like part of the team and brought in on discussions that were relevant to our business and the improvement of services to HANYS members. Without this partnership, AdaptiveWFS would not have been able to build the trust of the members and execute agreements with New York hospitals.”

"HANYS has helped grow our business and amplify our impact in the region. We’re grateful for our partnership with an organization that values quality as much as we do.”

“When entering new relationships, you never really know what to expect, but HANYS Marketplace far exceeded my expectations and is a true partner. Their work and dedication to our success have helped us in many aspects of our business. HANYS Marketplace’s commitment to their members creates a win-win relationship for YouCompli and HANYS.”

“HANYS’ support of and partnership with Cloudmed for the past decade has set the stage for multiple important and productive relationships that have brought outstanding value to NY hospitals.”

“As a leading medical professional liability insurer, MLMIC Insurance Company is extremely proud to partner with HANYS on risk management efforts, data analytics and patient safety initiatives for the advancement of healthcare.”