Financial health is critical for hospitals and health systems to be able to provide high-quality care. Cutbacks in federal and state reimbursement only exacerbate financial pressures. Our partner solutions can help strengthen your organization’s bottom line so you can provide the highest quality care.

AblePay Health

AblePay Health: The next generation of patient financial engagement

AblePay Health helps healthcare providers reduce their collection costs, receive prompt payment and improve their financials.

AblePay bridges the gap between healthcare providers and their patients strengthening the relationship and creating a better patient experience. Providers can directly engage patients interested in lowering their out-of-pocket medical expenses by introducing this no-cost program.

AblePay users can expect:

  • prompt payment in 14 days with no recourse;
  • assumption of all financial risk by AblePay Health;
  • easy implementation;
  • no patient denial;
  • lower costs and better staff utilization; and
  • no changes to your current internal processes.

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Cloudmed is a healthcare technology company focused on Revenue Intelligence and data-driven insights. Their market-leading platform utilizes intelligent automation and human expertise to help providers enhance productivity and increase revenue.


MCAG staff are experts in recovering money due clients from class action settlement funds. Clients include over 25% of the hospitals across the U.S.

MCAG’s unique blend of state-of-the-art technology, extraordinary research capabilities, wide-ranging partnerships and deep domain expertise ensures that MCAG clients are informed of all pertinent opportunities to receive the maximum recoveries they are due — and all deadlines are met to file a complete and timely claim with minimal effort on the part of their clients' staff.

Engage with MCAG’s experts so you can focus on core tasks that help you manage and grow your business, while optimizing your returns from class action settlements.

Synergi Partners

Synergi Partners, the largest privately-owned incentive and tax credit consulting and processing company in the U.S., is extremely well versed in the healthcare industry. Synergi specializes in federal and state tax credit programs and disaster relief incentives for employers.

Synergi is operated by tax credit industry veterans with more than 40 years of experience and an executive team made up of thought leaders in the tax incentives industry. Synergi provides service and expertise to help clients realize the opportunities of each tax credit.

Thirdwave RX

Thirdwave RX is a revolutionary rebate solution that helps healthcare providers achieve their lowest net drug cost through an unrivaled combination of industry expertise and powerful automation. Their proprietary technology can efficiently and accurately access, analyze and convert data from multiple sources to identify opportunities to help providers create reliable, sustainable rebate revenue.

Their platform and dashboards give providers actionable information and transparent, real-time reporting. Thirdwave RX enables you to identify submitted and collected rebates at the drug level and gain insights that help your organization obtain unrivaled drug cost savings.