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February 13, 2024

HANYS Marketplace® and Ready to Hire partner to unlock the future of healthcare workforce solutions, elevating patient care in New York

Albany, NY — HANYS Marketplace®, a trusted leader in healthcare partnerships, is pleased to announce its collaboration with Ready to Hire powered by Cengage Group, a workforce solutions provider. This strategic partnership aims to address the critical shortage of entry-level allied healthcare workers in New York with a comprehensive talent pipeline solution for HANYS member hospitals.

It is crucial to address the critical shortage of entry-level support staff, such as patient care techs, certified nursing assistants, pharmacy technicians, sterile processing techs and medical assistants. Shortages of entry-level staff can impact patient care and contribute to burnout among higher-level healthcare professionals.

Ready to Hire, in collaboration with its academic partners across New York, recognizes this challenge and is committed to bridging the gap. Through its innovative train-to-hire talent pipeline solution, Ready to Hire aims to recruit, train and place qualified candidates into these entry-level roles. The program harnesses new and untapped talent pools to help solve the hospital entry-level worker shortage from the ground up.

“We understand the importance of addressing the entry-level allied health shortage to enhance patient care and foster employee retention. Ready to Hire’s commitment to providing a tailored solution aligns seamlessly with our mission to support our member hospitals in meeting their unique workforce needs,” said Alfred Campanella, executive vice president, HANYS Marketplace.

As a proactive and forward-thinking organization, HANYS is dedicated to meeting the evolving needs of its members. Ready to Hire is committed to supporting HANYS in this mission by delivering train-to-hire programs, building strategic talent pipelines, and mapping learning pathways so HANYS’ members can attract new talent, upskill existing talent and access qualified talent.

“We are dedicated to alleviating the talent shortage in healthcare by working closely with organizations like HANYS,” said Rya Conrad-Bradshaw, Ready to Hire’s vice president, corporate markets. “Our train-to-hire approach not only addresses immediate staffing needs but also contributes to the long-term success of healthcare systems.”

With a focus on collaborative efforts, Ready to Hire will work closely with HANYS to understand the unique challenges of its member hospitals and tailor its talent pipeline programs accordingly. By filling the entry-level shortage, hospitals can build a strong foundation for better patient care, reduce dependence on contract workers and enhance employee retention.

About HANYS Marketplace:

HANYS Marketplace®, a for-profit subsidiary of the Healthcare Association of New York State, connects healthcare organizations across the care continuum with trusted best-in-class products and services to help achieve efficiencies, cost savings and delivery transformation. Uniquely tuned in to the issues that keep healthcare leaders up at night, HANYS Marketplace is constantly evolving to offer best-in-class solutions that meet the most pressing needs of healthcare providers today.

About Ready to Hire:

Ready to Hire, part of Cengage Group’s workforce training business, helps companies grow talent through curated talent pipelines and upskilling products and services. Working directly with employers and a network of academic partners and workforce organizations, Ready to Hire helps employers build local talent pipelines through scalable, technology-enabled services that identify and train new talent through train-to-hire programs, upskill current talent to earn certifications and professional skills with an on-site structured experience, and access local talent.

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