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January 10, 2024

HANYS Marketplace partners with CCA to provide healthcare-specific employee assistance programs

Albany, NY — HANYS Marketplace® has partnered with Corporate Counseling Associates, a leading human resource consulting firm and employee assistance program, to help New York’s hospitals and health systems support both the emotional well-being of their workforce and their workplace culture.

Traditional mental health resources are missing the mark and not meeting the needs of an overburdened healthcare workforce. While the emotional toll on healthcare professionals continues to increase, use of wellness resources has remained alarmingly low. Barriers include stigma, eroded trust, concerns over loss of licensure, limited bandwidth, negative previous experiences and lack of prioritization of self.

CCA has shifted the paradigm by creating the first healthcare-focused EAP and organizational development consulting firm. CCA leverages four decades of experience in mental health with the expertise of its Strategic Nurse Advisory Board to co-develop clinician-led, evidence-based, consultative interventions designed to enhance emotional well-being, trust, belonging, engagement, retention and joy in practice.

CCA provides a holistic, healthcare-focused approach that engages leadership, reduces barriers to care, improves well-being, proactively identifies individuals at risk and de-stigmatizes mental healthcare to create lasting cultural change within healthcare organizations.

Areas of focus:

  • individual and team emotional well-being;
  • mental health first-aid;
  • peer support;
  • moral resiliency, ethical competency and mindfulness;
  • workplace culture, belonging and psychological safety;
  • violence, incivility and harassment;
  • substance use and maladaptive coping;
  • leadership personal wellness, professional development and coaching;
  • team building and conflict resolution; and
  • diversity, equity and inclusion.

CCA has extensive experience providing EAP and consultative services to healthcare organizations. CCA’s internal team and relationships with nurse leaders and researchers provide a unique lens into the healthcare industry.

“Employee wellness is critically important, especially in healthcare,” said HANYS Marketplace Executive Vice President Al Campanella. “Corporate Counseling Associates’ expert consulting assistance helps to further bring New York’s hospital and health systems’ employee wellness goals to fruition. We are proud to work with CCA to help improve New York healthcare workers’ well-being.”

“As a New York-based organization, this partnership with HANYS Marketplace and the healthcare organizations it connects is extremely meaningful to us,” said CCA President John Levy. “We look forward to collaborating with stakeholders across the HANYS Marketplace to customize programs that will support both individual and organizational well-being.”

About CCA

CCA has been helping people and organizations succeed since 1984. CCA works to improve individual and organizational well-being through EAP counseling, healthcare-focused programs, learning and development, coaching and consulting services.

About HANYS Marketplace

HANYS Marketplace, a for-profit subsidiary of the Healthcare Association of New York State, connects healthcare organizations across the care continuum with trusted best-in-class products and services to help achieve efficiencies, cost savings and care delivery transformation. Uniquely tuned in to the issues that keep healthcare leaders up at night, HANYS Marketplace is constantly evolving to offer best-in-class solutions that meet the most pressing needs of healthcare providers today.

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