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September 21, 2023

HANYS Marketplace partners with Thirdwave RX to help providers lower drug costs

The proven rebate solution combines automation and expertise for unrivaled outcomes and maximum accuracy

Albany, NY — HANYS Marketplace® today announced its partnership with Thirdwave RX. This alliance gives HANYS members access to a powerful rebate solution that leverages automation and proprietary technology to help providers save on drug costs. Through rigorously accurate and compliant processes, Thirdwave delivers industry-leading rebates to its clients that help healthcare providers achieve their lowest net drug cost.

Thirdwave’s technology platform and experts in pharmacy and healthcare operations ensure claims are tracked throughout their lifecycle. As a result, the company has a demonstrated track record of success supporting more than 2,500 facilities across the United States.

“Thirdwave Rx’s platform offers our members a new cost-saving solution within their pharmacy operations,” said Al Campanella, executive vice president, HANYS Marketplace. “There’s nothing experimental or early stage about Thirdwave. They are proven industry veterans who have mastered the rebate administration process and created an ideal solution for maximizing rebate opportunities.”

“Our mission is to make provider-administered drugs more affordable and accessible,” said Ed Lagerstrom, chief executive officer, Thirdwave. “Thirdwave joining the HANYS Marketplace is a ringing endorsement of the platform we’ve worked hard on perfecting. After proving ourselves with some of the most influential healthcare organizations in the nation, we’re excited to bring our solution to a new group of providers and help them combat rising costs and create an additional revenue stream that grows as they grow.”

About HANYS Marketplace

HANYS Marketplace, a for-profit subsidiary of the Healthcare Association of New York State, connects healthcare organizations across the care continuum with trusted best-in-class products and services to help achieve efficiencies, cost savings and delivery transformation. Uniquely tuned in to the issues that keep healthcare leaders up at night, HANYS Marketplace is constantly evolving to offer best-in-class solutions that meet the most pressing needs of healthcare providers today.

About Thirdwave RX

Since 2016, Thirdwave RX’s team of healthcare, pharmacy and financial professionals have been solving critical challenges in the healthcare industry. Thirdwave represents the evolution of a number of tech-centric, expertise-driven business models aimed at improving care outcomes, operational efficiencies and technological advances. With Thirdwave, healthcare providers achieve their lowest net drug cost with proven automation and the most innovative rebate solution on the market.

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