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Course Name
Emergency Staffing Solutions
An overview of MCAG’s Class Action Settlement Recovery Service
Addressing the risks and benefits of artificial intelligence in healthcare
Improving your revenue cycle outcomes through revenue intelligence
Professional liability trends: Where we were, where we are, where we’re going
Maximizing 340B savings at contract pharmacies: How hospitals are recovering $2.5M a year from 'non-eligible' prescriptions
A best practice approach to profit recovery
Recovering an additional 1-3% of net patient revenue per year and staying compliant
Spring 2022 Health Information Management User Group Meeting
Condition critical: The emergency department liability experience
7 P2P problems hurting your bottom line
From underpayments to incorrect denials: How to identify payer violations and efficiently recover lost revenue for NY providers
A dose of caution: Addressing medication safety in your organization
Digital transformation and the modern user experience
Best practices to combat denials: Keep calm and appeal like a lawyer
How strong compliance creates value for the healthcare organization
Through the looking glass: How the travel market will be impacted in 2023
2023 IPPS final rule: DSH, Medicare bad debt and uncompensated care impacts
Screenings for older adults at your fingertips with Retrieve GED
Transform compliance into an enterprise-wide, value-creating engine
Capturing a bigger share of patient revenue: Why the traditional approach to patient payments is ripe for disruption
Assessing pediatric claims risks in your organization
The human element: Using automation to restore the human touch to your revenue cycle and upskill your team
Leveraging total automation to reduce third-party risk
Advancing capital, facilities and construction spend management
Strengthening your group purchasing program with Vizient and Finger Lakes Health
The Healthcare Cybersecurity Benchmarking Study
Is to err still human? Strategies to reduce diagnostic error
How Vizient’s Novaplus Enhanced Supply program mitigates essential drug shortages
Boosting efficiency and value through compliance
Telehealth: Challenges and Opportunities
Best practice approach: Days Not Final Billed and denials management to optimize results
MarketEdge users group fall webinar
2023 Healthcare law review
Vizient’s Supplier Diversity program overview
Benefits of automating and integrating revenue cycle with RCM
Building a strong foundation: Strategies for attracting and retaining entry-level healthcare talent
Enhance contract value and drug supply assurance
Addressing your liability risks during the healthcare staffing crisis
The impact of artificial intelligence on language access in healthcare
Common claims against physicians: A specialty review